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When Love Ain't Enough

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 6:30 PM

The house was starting to fill with family as the hour of the funeral services approached. Lisa refused to wear anything black. Her father’s life was more vibrant than black, so she chose to celebrate his life by wearing a beautiful white dress, with a purple ribbon tied delicately around her waist. After all, purple was Vincent’s favorite color. Carmen entered the living room wearing a lovely lilac dress. She too was mindful of her father's favorite color and the fact that he wouldn't want everything and everyone dark and dreary. Then entered Rozalla and lo and behold, she was dressed in all black, from the ridiculous veil covering her face to the hideous shoes on her feet. The girls looked at one another as if to ask, 'what the hell is she thinking?' Rozalla could feel her daughters’ eyes burrowing a hole through her, but she chose to ignore their obvious disgust with her choice of attire. But her clothing was a true representation of how she was feeling...dark. There was no part of her that felt alive, no part of her soul that felt she deserved to be vibrant as she honored the memory of Vincent. After all, she was the cause of his death. No matter how many times she'd been told he had a heart attack, she knew in her heart that it was her evil ways that stopped his heart from beating.


“Mama, are you sure that this is what you want to wear?” Carmen whispered in her mom's ear as she gently placed her hands on her shoulders. “You know how Dad loved you in yellow and pink. Wouldn't you like to change into something that's a little more colorful?”


“No, I deserve to wear this black. The way I treated your father these last couple of years, it was wrong, it was mean, and it was evil. I won't stand here now dressed like a breath of fresh air, when in reality, I was the darkness that suffocated him.”


“Don't you think you're being a tad dramatic?” Lisa asked as she walked up behind her mother.


“My husband is gone and as you so eloquently put it, I killed him. So no, I don't think I'm being dramatic, I think I'm owning up to the wrong that I've done. And quite frankly, I thought that would make you happy.”


“Wrong again, Mom, nothing about any of this makes me happy. My daddy is gone and happiness is an emotion that I can't even recognize right now.”

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